Harshad Number/Niven Number Demystified (With Simple Java Code)- For Beginners


Harshad Number or Niven Number is a positive integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits. Harshad numbers were defined by D.R. Kaprekar, a mathematician from India. The word “Harshad” comes from the Sanskrit harṣa (joy) + da (give), meaning joy-giver. The term “Niven number” arose from a paper delivered by Ivan M. Niven at a conference on number theory in 1977.

For Example:
12–  Sum of Digits= 3;
12/3=4 and 12%3=0

The modulo function (%) returns the remainder after division.
Read more about the modulo function (%)Click Here.

198– Sum of Digits= 18
198/18=11 and 198%18=0

For in-depth Mathematical information regarding the nature of the Harshad/Niven Number, please- Click Here.


public class HarshadNivenNumber
public static void main(int n)
int x=n;                          //Creating a copy of the number
int sum=0;                    //Variable to calculate sum of digits
int a=n%10;                  //Extracting the Digit
sum=sum+a;               //Calculating the sum of Digits
n=n/10;                        //Reducing the number of Digit by 1 (removing the unit Digit)
if(x%sum==0)             //Condition of Harshad/Niven Number
System.out.println (“Yes, A Harshad/Niven Number”);
System.out.println (“Not a Harshad/Niven Number”);


1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,18,20,21,24,27,30,36,40,42,45,48,50,54,60,63,70,72,80,81,84,90,100, 102,108,110,111,112,114,117,120,126,132,133,135,140,144,150,152,153,156,162,171,180,190 192,195,198,200,201,204,207……. and so on.


Find the number of Harshad/Niven numbers between 1 and 1000.

Answer- 213






Comfest 2019 President Speech



Good Morning! Respected chief guest sir Shri Satyadev Pachauri, Member of Parliament,  Shishir sir, Chairman- Jaipuria Group of Institutions, respected members of the management, principal ma’am, participants, teacher escorts, and fellow JCC members. It is with utmost honour that I welcome you all to the 19th edition of Comfest.
A big welcome to our guest of honour- Mr. summer Goyal, Founder and Director, Stratum 28, a pioneer in the world of digital consulting.

I hope everybody enjoyed the Astitva Band.
There is more to come as we have the vanmoon DJ tonight, who will set the stage on fire.

Comfest – the feeling, the emotion, the enigma, the zeal. Every moment of the last year, I have thought of ways on how to enhance Comfest. Indeed, It has been an arduous task.
As the President of the Jaipuria Computer Club and Comfest 2019, I’d provide each one of you sitting here in the auditorium- a walkthrough of the avid brainstorming sessions that we have had to raise Comfest’s bar.
Work began one week after Comfest 2018 ended. Ideation and brainstorming sessions started and the proposal and invite were being designed in full flow.
It was the first time invited were sent to the schools In June itself, i.e. 4 months before the event had to begin.
I had to visit the US for a month to attend a program; It was an enthralling experience to coordinate and work on different aspects of the event through social networking sites across the oceans.
So, what’s new?
Comfest released an entirely new line of Comfest Merchandise, ranging from Comfest pop sockets to Comfest bottles; all these can be purchased at the coupe outside.
The Jaipuria Computer Club organised workshops on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Drone Theory, and Internet of things for its members. These workshops were organised by the Ritusha Computers Private Limited, which deserves a special thankyou. The professors were invited from leading engineering institutes of the country. The children have surely been engulfed into the tech-world.
We collaborated with a Gurgaon based startup, Reuse Orbis, which helped us in organizing a large scale E-waste drive. The drive proved to be a great success and helped us to collect over 75 kilograms of E-waste. The E-waste is now being sent for safe disposal to E-waste recyclers in the country. “Sustainable Tomorrow” well done JCC.
Next, It is the first time in the history of Uttar Pradesh that a 24-hour hackathon is being organised. Diverse problem statements being solved in 24 hours. No sleep; All code is the new verse. You’ll also see an AI company giant Nandan Misra on day 3 deliberating and discussing the problem statements and advising the participants. I’m sure that he will be a boon for the tech-enthusiasts present here.

Comfest also launched its own Snapchat filter that is available all across the world.
The Jaipuria Computer Club broke all records when a stellar amount of 6 Lakh Rupees was generated through subsidiary saleable items and workshops.
To everyone’s astonishment, Comfest also has the smallest team in the last decade, comprising only 25 students. These 25 students have been the powerhouse, working equivalent to the 60-80 students present in the JCC teams of previous years.
Enjoyed CF originals?
There’s Avenger’s Endgame: Junks the Punk, Gambit, and the marvellous Robowars yet to enthral you with their diverse setups.

All these innovations have been the result of hours of deliberation and my dedication towards Comfest. There have been numerous people in the journey which I’d like to dedicate Comfest 2019’s success to.

Manish Sir, the fatherly figure, thanks for believing in me, and not denying any idea that I had put forth. You are truly a source of motivation.
Adbhut Sir and Ajay sir you have been the pillars on which Comfest 2019 stands firm.

Kushagra Agarwal JCC President 2017 and Shlok Bhartiya JCC President 2018, both of you have provided me with the requisites to lead this stupendous extravaganza. Thanks for always being there.

There are three people in the student fraternity that I want to thank as I was amazed by their unparalleled dedication and hard work.
Agam Bhasin: A 9th grader, who’s the mastermind behind the Comfest’s website. His resiliency and passion are beyond par.
Vardhaman Jain: The proprietor of the stupendous robowars arena, this young man has an amazing work ethic, and strives for perfection.
Samrath- The Chief Financial Officer, the man that has helped me in all my endeavours. Be it calling him at 3 AM and sharing my ideas or executing plans at 10 AM. There’s this person that always remains constant. Thanks for listening to all my rants.

The Jaipuria Computer Club stands strong because of the magnificent team that it possesses.
The Literary department led by Akshita Gupta and Anushka Chib with finesse and perfection. The Captions team just got lucky! They won’t hear from me every day from now on.
Rajveer, thanks for your contribution to making comfest bigger and better.
Vaibhav, my co-chairperson for Hackcom, you have truly helped us make Comfest- the best “tech” fest of the country.
Asna, Mihika, Yash, and Ansh thanks for your cooperation and hours of hard work for making this event a grand success.

Comfest has surely been a milestone for me. I have increased my skills manifold. I have understood that there is no alternative to groundbreaking hard work and unparalleled planning and dedication. Whatever I do in my life, I will be indebted to Comfest, because of the skills that Comfest has furnished me with. Comfest has quenched my thirst for my deep interest in both the operations and tech departments.

I can very well remember simultaneously hosting events and managing the podium. Tech Talk, Athletic Arithmetic, Invert Oxford, I wasn’t able to dedicate so much time this year with the events due to managerial work, but the memories that remain in my mind never fail to mesmerise me.

When I leave as the president of the Jaipuria computer club, I’ll carry tons of memories with me. I’m sure I’m leaving the legacy in the hands of the ablest juniors I’ve ever come across.
Ishan, Suryansh, Divy, Divi, Vardhaman, Yuvraj, Aryika, Vanya, Akshita, Ananya, Meha, Sharanya, Paavni, Pratham, and Reet you all will help Comfest reach greater heights. I look forward to seeing Comfest grow and help participants to enhance their skill sets

I’ll not leave each one of you on an emotional note. I’m sure that the next three days will be the best three days of sheer competition, brain-racking, and zeal.
I expect each one of you to learn rather than win.

Comfest 2019 will be a tantalizing experience for each one of you.
Can we have for the JCC?

Sales/Marketing LaunchX

This is my LaunchX Sales/Marketing Assignment.
For the assignment, I have interviewed people from my immediate surroundings.
Basically, I have interviewed people from the service sector and analyzed their problems, so as to form durable technological solutions.
The responses that I have received are enormous, and they have provided me a larger perspective about life.

These interviews are in Hindi (Local Language of India) as I wanted to keep them as real as possible. I’ll be giving a detailed description of what these people wanted to share, and what were their responses of those who declined to be interviewed by me.

Some abstract information about how I conducted the interviews- I went to random vendors, without any prior notice, and asked them about the problems that they were facing. If they could enlist a few problems, I requested them to speak about those problems in a 20-25 second interview. I approached approximately twenty-five people, out of which, I was successful in interviewing only ten.

The first person was Mr. Deepak Kumar, a Zomato delivery boy, who said that he faced technical location glitches while using the app. Adding to this, he said that he could enhance his delivery efficiency and earn more (through incentives) if people who use Zomato could provide exact delivery locations.

The second person was Mr. Ram Vilas Chaurasia, who owns an AMUL (Anand Milk Union Limited) ice cream rickshaw parlor (Indian ice cream trolleys- http://www.sunrisetrolley.com/ice-cream-trolley-124214.html).
He had lost one of his hand in an accident and now sells ice cream for daily wages.
He said that in spite of working hard the entire day in the scorching heat he can only earn Rs. 300-350 ($5-$6) daily because of which he cannot support his family adequately.

The third person was a sales boy in Super 99 (An Indian Super Market). Mr. Dhirendra Singh Bhadoria said that he could enhance his living if he could get better opportunities in the sales sector, and is currently working for Super 99 to support his family’s necessities.

The fourth person that I interviewed was Miss Dolly, who is a salesgirl at Famish Ice creams. She said there is a lot of competition in the market and it is extremely difficult to persuade the people to buy ice creams.

The fifth and the sixth interviews were of Mr. Phool Chand and Mr. Amar Pratap, who work at a local trolley manufacturer and transport goods from one place to another. They were satisfied with their employers and said that scorching heat was the only problem that they had to face while transporting goods from one place to another. They said that they could increase their efficiency if the amount of heat they had to face could be reduced.

The next person was Mr. Gaurav Bansal, a business executive. (Interviewed in English)

The next person whom I interviewed was a waiter at a Food truck (Chef On Wheels) and stated that he could expand his sales if traffic was more organized and people did not park their cars on the main street.

The last two people whom I interviewed were Mr. Sunny Singh and Mr. Manoj, both drivers by profession who said that the traffic here in Kanpur was getting worsened day by day. They were against the people who drink and drive. Adding on to this, they said that if people had a better traffic sense, traffic jams in Kanpur would be less common and people would not lose their life due to accidents.

A dozen of people denied me to interview them, but there were a couple of individuals whose optimism stunned me. One flower seller on the street replied me by saying that by the grace of God he was extremely happy with his job and was satisfied by the amount of money he was earning. He said that he works hard and tries to his best, and is happy with his life; Although he earns a meagre Rs.150-Rs.250($3-$4) per day.
The same was also the response of a waiter working for a dhaba (Cheap roadside restaurant) who has his daily wage in the same range. I was astonished by the optimism with of these individuals. Although their replies to me could be equivocal, I am sure that they could amaze me with their perspective towards life.

I extremely enjoyed conducting these interviews and was overjoyed to hear first-hand difficulties from individuals in the service sector.

Software used- iMovie.
Special thanks to Samrath Bagga for shooting these interviews.

The Future of Sports


Sports in India.

Why are all other sports in India not as celebrated as cricket?
Get some facts straight.

The Board Of Control For Cricket In India, well-known as the “BCCI” is the largest cricket board in the world.

The net worth of BCCI as of 2012 was a whopping 295 million, and second was South African cricket Board with 68 million. The sum of the net worth of all test playing nations other than India is 326 million. So, BCCI’s net worth is almost equal to the net worth of all other cricket boards combined. That’s how big BCCI is.

If we combine the net worth of national federations of each and every sport then also we shall not reach a number even close to that of the BCCI.

The problem isn’t that BCCI has a superior net worth. The problem is that there is so much glamour attached to cricket that the other sports have not been able to evolve from their shadows.

I came across an article some days back which stated that an ex-table tennis player, former world ranked, has not been able to provide his family with a living.

Is this the reality of sports in India?
Can we not even support the families of sportsmen?
We all know how well-off cricket players are.
Cricket, as dynamic as it may seem, is the only cause why other sports in India have not come into the limelight.

Can we not give each and every sport, Equal Weightage? Equal Opportunity?

Why will someone develop a career in something- that cannot provide him, his basic means of livelihood, his basic need?
Sports has to be revolutionized so that we can compete with other countries at the Olympics. Countries with 1/100th of the population of India have a better average medal tally than India.

It’s not that India does not have potential.
The urge to exploit that potential is missing.

People need to appreciate and recognize each and every sport equally and give it its due.
We as Indians need to overcome our fetish for cricket and stop perceiving various sports with a jaundiced eye, and soon shall come the time when Indian sportsmen will raise their banners high and the downcast image of India will change metamorphically in the world scenario.

Chak de India!

सर्वed Inaugural Address


This is my inaugural address as the founder and president of the social initiative सर्वed. Hope you enjoy reading it!
“Dispelling The Darkness”

सर्वed is the after effect of a sleepless night that helped me ponder upon the formation of an organization that could create a mechanism which would be beneficiary for the future generations in helping the society by becoming socially responsible. At Jaipuria school, there’s an immense amount of ignition that is given to an idea so that it succeeds with flying colors. As I write this letter after weeks of rigorous planning and hard work, I cannot forget the amount of excitement our geography teacher, Mrs. Kavita Tiwari had after hearing the plan. When I discussed the plan with our Principal Ma’am Mrs. Shikha Banerjee, the only words that I remember are “Don’t let it just be an idea”, “You’ll have all the schools support”. This was very encouraging for me and I had the responsibility not to let her down.

सर्वed is not just a social initiative, it is basically the birth of a mechanism that will in the coming years instill the concept of social responsibility in the minds of each and every Jaipurian. For me, social responsibility is extremely important and making each and every child passionate about working against the problems that the underprivileged face is also incredibly important.

The root to all problems is illiteracy and by taking this facet we shall surely try for the betterment of the society so that if not the world, our own city could be made a better place to live in. The agendas that we have picked are also those that are of immense importance to the current socio-disposition: Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitation, Waste Management, and General Literacy.

With this I want सर्वed to reach its zenith with successful collaborations and eventually helping the underprivileged children by inculcating in them morals and lessons because they are in the end an inevitable part of our nation. The world doesn’t really work because of those who are monetary sufficient. The world works with each and every person who has been given a chance to change what the situation of the world today is.

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