सर्वed Inaugural Address


This is my inaugural address as the founder and president of the social initiative सर्वed. Hope you enjoy reading it!
“Dispelling The Darkness”

सर्वed is the after effect of a sleepless night that helped me ponder upon the formation of an organization that could create a mechanism which would be beneficiary for the future generations in helping the society by becoming socially responsible. At Jaipuria school, there’s an immense amount of ignition that is given to an idea so that it succeeds with flying colors. As I write this letter after weeks of rigorous planning and hard work, I cannot forget the amount of excitement our geography teacher, Mrs. Kavita Tiwari had after hearing the plan. When I discussed the plan with our Principal Ma’am Mrs. Shikha Banerjee, the only words that I remember are “Don’t let it just be an idea”, “You’ll have all the schools support”. This was very encouraging for me and I had the responsibility not to let her down.

सर्वed is not just a social initiative, it is basically the birth of a mechanism that will in the coming years instill the concept of social responsibility in the minds of each and every Jaipurian. For me, social responsibility is extremely important and making each and every child passionate about working against the problems that the underprivileged face is also incredibly important.

The root to all problems is illiteracy and by taking this facet we shall surely try for the betterment of the society so that if not the world, our own city could be made a better place to live in. The agendas that we have picked are also those that are of immense importance to the current socio-disposition: Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitation, Waste Management, and General Literacy.

With this I want सर्वed to reach its zenith with successful collaborations and eventually helping the underprivileged children by inculcating in them morals and lessons because they are in the end an inevitable part of our nation. The world doesn’t really work because of those who are monetary sufficient. The world works with each and every person who has been given a chance to change what the situation of the world today is.

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