The Future of Sports


Sports in India.

Why are all other sports in India not as celebrated as cricket?
Get some facts straight.

The Board Of Control For Cricket In India, well-known as the “BCCI” is the largest cricket board in the world.

The net worth of BCCI as of 2012 was a whopping 295 million, and second was South African cricket Board with 68 million. The sum of the net worth of all test playing nations other than India is 326 million. So, BCCI’s net worth is almost equal to the net worth of all other cricket boards combined. That’s how big BCCI is.

If we combine the net worth of national federations of each and every sport then also we shall not reach a number even close to that of the BCCI.

The problem isn’t that BCCI has a superior net worth. The problem is that there is so much glamour attached to cricket that the other sports have not been able to evolve from their shadows.

I came across an article some days back which stated that an ex-table tennis player, former world ranked, has not been able to provide his family with a living.

Is this the reality of sports in India?
Can we not even support the families of sportsmen?
We all know how well-off cricket players are.
Cricket, as dynamic as it may seem, is the only cause why other sports in India have not come into the limelight.

Can we not give each and every sport, Equal Weightage? Equal Opportunity?

Why will someone develop a career in something- that cannot provide him, his basic means of livelihood, his basic need?
Sports has to be revolutionized so that we can compete with other countries at the Olympics. Countries with 1/100th of the population of India have a better average medal tally than India.

It’s not that India does not have potential.
The urge to exploit that potential is missing.

People need to appreciate and recognize each and every sport equally and give it its due.
We as Indians need to overcome our fetish for cricket and stop perceiving various sports with a jaundiced eye, and soon shall come the time when Indian sportsmen will raise their banners high and the downcast image of India will change metamorphically in the world scenario.

Chak de India!

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  1. Not only other sports are fading away, people are getting demotivated…of what they are good at because of the national domination of cricket over other sports….


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