Sales/Marketing LaunchX

This is my LaunchX Sales/Marketing Assignment.
For the assignment, I have interviewed people from my immediate surroundings.
Basically, I have interviewed people from the service sector and analyzed their problems, so as to form durable technological solutions.
The responses that I have received are enormous, and they have provided me a larger perspective about life.

These interviews are in Hindi (Local Language of India) as I wanted to keep them as real as possible. I’ll be giving a detailed description of what these people wanted to share, and what were their responses of those who declined to be interviewed by me.

Some abstract information about how I conducted the interviews- I went to random vendors, without any prior notice, and asked them about the problems that they were facing. If they could enlist a few problems, I requested them to speak about those problems in a 20-25 second interview. I approached approximately twenty-five people, out of which, I was successful in interviewing only ten.

The first person was Mr. Deepak Kumar, a Zomato delivery boy, who said that he faced technical location glitches while using the app. Adding to this, he said that he could enhance his delivery efficiency and earn more (through incentives) if people who use Zomato could provide exact delivery locations.

The second person was Mr. Ram Vilas Chaurasia, who owns an AMUL (Anand Milk Union Limited) ice cream rickshaw parlor (Indian ice cream trolleys-
He had lost one of his hand in an accident and now sells ice cream for daily wages.
He said that in spite of working hard the entire day in the scorching heat he can only earn Rs. 300-350 ($5-$6) daily because of which he cannot support his family adequately.

The third person was a sales boy in Super 99 (An Indian Super Market). Mr. Dhirendra Singh Bhadoria said that he could enhance his living if he could get better opportunities in the sales sector, and is currently working for Super 99 to support his family’s necessities.

The fourth person that I interviewed was Miss Dolly, who is a salesgirl at Famish Ice creams. She said there is a lot of competition in the market and it is extremely difficult to persuade the people to buy ice creams.

The fifth and the sixth interviews were of Mr. Phool Chand and Mr. Amar Pratap, who work at a local trolley manufacturer and transport goods from one place to another. They were satisfied with their employers and said that scorching heat was the only problem that they had to face while transporting goods from one place to another. They said that they could increase their efficiency if the amount of heat they had to face could be reduced.

The next person was Mr. Gaurav Bansal, a business executive. (Interviewed in English)

The next person whom I interviewed was a waiter at a Food truck (Chef On Wheels) and stated that he could expand his sales if traffic was more organized and people did not park their cars on the main street.

The last two people whom I interviewed were Mr. Sunny Singh and Mr. Manoj, both drivers by profession who said that the traffic here in Kanpur was getting worsened day by day. They were against the people who drink and drive. Adding on to this, they said that if people had a better traffic sense, traffic jams in Kanpur would be less common and people would not lose their life due to accidents.

A dozen of people denied me to interview them, but there were a couple of individuals whose optimism stunned me. One flower seller on the street replied me by saying that by the grace of God he was extremely happy with his job and was satisfied by the amount of money he was earning. He said that he works hard and tries to his best, and is happy with his life; Although he earns a meagre Rs.150-Rs.250($3-$4) per day.
The same was also the response of a waiter working for a dhaba (Cheap roadside restaurant) who has his daily wage in the same range. I was astonished by the optimism with of these individuals. Although their replies to me could be equivocal, I am sure that they could amaze me with their perspective towards life.

I extremely enjoyed conducting these interviews and was overjoyed to hear first-hand difficulties from individuals in the service sector.

Software used- iMovie.
Special thanks to Samrath Bagga for shooting these interviews.

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